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Monday, November 16, 2009

Experiments with radio Jazz: the HD2 WGUC signal

WGUC does broadcast 24 hour Jazz on their second HD channel, and it sounds pretty good.   You will need an HD radio receiver to get the signal, there doesn't appear to be internet streaming of the signal.

If you like what you hear on WGUC-HD2 (Jazz), they ask you to send an e-mail to them:

Please add your zip code in the body of the e-mail, so they can tell where you are receiving the signal.

I live 900 ft above sea level 20 miles east of downtown Cincinnati.

My receiver is sometimes on the fringe area of WGUC's HD2 signal, depending on the time of day and antenna placement.

I did my testing using a Sony XDRF1HD HD Radio Tuner with the supplied indoor FM Antenna:

  • Antenna elevated, 5-6 feet off the ground: No reception at 9:30pm.
  • Antenna in pile on floor: reception OK from 5:30AM until 8AM.
There was one noticeable dropout after 30 minutes, but the sound was solid unless I moved around the antenna too much.  An indoor antenna isn't as reliable as an outdoor one.  In both cases the receiver itself is next to a PC, and two Apples, so RF noise doesn't seem to affect the signal much.

The good:
  • The music is good mix of sounds
  • The reception is very clear
  • Non-commercial radio means minimal interruptions
The bad:
  • You need an HD radio to receive it
  • I miss the commercials
  • No playlist online or sent along with the HD program stream

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